Performance features

  • BulletConstructed using foam & fibreglass with a state-of-the-art infusion process.
  • Unsinkable with 3 people, outboard and fishing gear.
  • Only requires simple low cost roof racks
  • No need for elaborate racks of rollers, winders etc.
  • Quiet & naturally cool due to foam construction.
  • Gel Coat outside.


  • Barra Boat design for lightweight stability & performance.
  • 3m less than 40kg – 3.7m less than 50kg.
  • Low hp requirements, for example 8hp
  • 2 stroke, 26kg & 22mph performance.
  • 3.7m Boat and 8hp motor weighs 75kgs– which is less than an equivalent aluminium boat only.
  • EzyTopper Boats can fit easily on sedans etc.
  • Only simple, light trailers or trolleys are required.

Taking a boat on a trip is more than just the boat.

The EZYTOPPER was originally designed as a boat to place on roof racks for caravanning – but you need to see it as part of a package that includes; the boat, motor, roof rack, collapsible trailer and perhaps an outboard mount on the caravan, vehicle or a trolley.

The following example is of the 3.7m provided so you can make a comparison of the total package. The details may change depending on the configuration and systems used, e.g. wind up system for roof rack for an aluminium boat package.

Plus – Its Light, Cool, Stable, Quiet and unsinkable!



When comparing the EZYTOPPER to a alloy boat ,  the EZYTOPPER package is half the weight and overall can be cheaper than an aluminium boat package.

Real one person loading and unloading which is hassle free and involves much less weight on the top of your vehicle, camper or motor home.






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