EzyTopper 3m and 3.7m

Lightweight, Buoyant and Stable

We are convinced once you have seen and tested one for yourself, you will agree it is the boat for you as a travelling companion.

3.0 Metre Ezy Topper
Length 3.0 metres
Width 1.4metres
Weight 40kg
Casting Platform 1.23 metres
Cockpit 1.2m X 1.4m
Maximum persons Up to 4 (250kg)
Maximum Load 280kgs
Max. Horsepower 10hp
3.7 Metre Ezy Topper
Length 3.7 metres
Width 1.4metres
Weight 50kg
Casting Platform 1.23 metres
Cockpit 1.9m X 1.4m
Maximum persons Up to 4 (Max 280kg)
Maximum Load 350kgs
Max. Horsepower 15hp
The boat construction is “state of the art” infusion process using foam and Fibreglass. Each boat comes standard with ‘SeaDek’ – a non-skid marine traction product fitted on the casting platform and back seats. ‘SeaDek’ is manufactured in the US from closed cell EVA Foam specifically for marine applications.We are also able to make EzyToppers even lighter where weight is a key determinant. Talk to us about your requirementsOptions available for EzyToppers;

  • Anchor Hatch
  • BulletBimbi Top
  • BulletLive Bait Tank
  • BulletElectric Out Board Mount-front
  • Bullet‘SeaDek’ Seat cushions (20mm foam)
  • Bullet‘SeaDek’ Ezy cushion (sticks onto Esky)
  • BulletSounder/Battery packages with suction
  • blankcap transducer

Other EzyTopper Package Products

  • BulletFolding Trailers customized for EzyTopper use.
  • BulletRoof Rack systems to allow solid carriage
  • blankwithout ropes/straps etc (low cost and easy
  • blankto fit to present bars etc).
  • BulletRoof Rack systems to allow carriage on Sedans.
  • BulletRacks for carriage on back of motor homes.
  • BulletCompetitive prices on a range of outboard
  • blankmakes/models.
Future Product Development –What do you think?At EzyTopper, we are always looking and developing. We are convinced we have the best and lightest car topper available for travelling with and use in enclosed waters BUT what if we made a boat that;

  • Could go outside fishing and Island hop as we
  • travel with a caravan in tow?
  • Was 4.8m long with a V Hull?
  • Able to do about 20mph with a 15hp?
  • Weighs about 80-100kgs?


  •  Be able to go on the roof of a 4X4?
  • That’s right an “upside down outsider”. We think this would be “UNBELIEVABLE” if it could be:
  • Able to carry up to 6 people
  • A real outside boat but also great in bays and estuaries
  • BulletOnly 15-30h p required with a speed range of
  • 20-30mph – About ½ the hp and weight required
  • blankfor an aluminum equivalent (oops there isn’t one
  • you can carry on a vehicle roof).
  • Have a ballast system where weight can be added
  • for “serious” offshore use.
  • Simple wind up rack system
  • Able to be used as a trailer boat when not travelling.

This is our thinking


Cost? We don’t know yet BUT will it “really” matter – if “she” can have the comforts of the van and we can do some serious fishing and boating while travelling, obviously we will look to provide value for money with EzyTopper quality. Hopefully not far away from a trailerable aluminium equivalent (length and speed wise anyway).

Tell Us

We are keen for your views while our planning is underway – will this type of boat be something you or your mates would consider, PLEASE let us know by email or phone me to chat further. Real interest will convince us to spend the $$ necessary to develop, test and produce the “upside down outsider”.

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