Margaret’s Testimonial

I was extremely apprehensive when we decided to fish the Daly River in the Northern Territory using our 3.7 metre Ezy Topper as the river is notorious for crocodiles, some longer than the boat.

With the water level dropping over a metre in the 7 days of fishing I was also concerned how I would be able to enter and exit the boat as I do not have the best of legs.  My concerns were put to rest as the Ezy Topper makes it so easy to do both these things and I felt extremely safe even when catching the almighty Barramundi which put up a great fight.  The floor area of the boat allows plenty of room to move about and landing the Barra was stress-free due to the boat’s stability.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Ezy Topper as a safe, stable and durable craft.

Margaret Bradley,
Brisbane, Queensland


Alan’s Testimonial

We have a 9.8 Four stroke HP outboard motor which allowed us to power away from any obstacle which includes crocodiles.  The boat’s stability excelled in the fast flowing Daly River especially going against the tide we were able to still plane on top of the water.

The loading of the boat on top of the Nissan Patrol is so easy to do thanks to the good work and assistance of John and Jeffrey.

In our travels through the Northern and Western Australia many people have looked at the boat and conversations centred on the weight of the boat, how easy it was to handle and its durability.  In fact we saw four other Ezy Toppers on the roof of vehicles during our travels.

At Exmouth a fellow Ezy Topper owner expressed his satisfaction and delight in the performance of his boat.  He was traveling in a Winnebago and towed his 4WD with the Ezy Topper attached to the roof using the slides that Jeffrey installed.

I fully recommend the 3.7 metre Ezy Topper, so enjoy!

Alan Aubrey,
Bald Hills, Qld


Ian’s Testimonial

We were having a great day. The wife, the dog, a mate and myself on Borumba Dam. We were in our 3.7m EzyTopper and the 15mph Yamaha and had caught heaps pf red claw and some nice fish.

Cruising along at 14 knots(25kph), distracted for a few seconds,  BANG – we ran right into an upright tree. Wife and dog thrown into the water, my mate hanging over the front, sprawled on the casting platform after being thrown from the drivers seat, boat half full of water, motor still in gear and screaming. A very SERIOUS situation – Pick myself up, get my wife, dog and mate back into the 1/2 full boat, bail out the boat and attend to the mate’s bleeding leg. Once we were all ship shape again we considered how lucky we were.

Later we thought about what happened –

  • How lax we get with wearing the kill switch and life jackets.
  • No matter how relaxed we get we can’t afford to be distracted for a second.
  • And EzyTopper is an incredibly strong boat; approximately 400+kgs hitting a tree at 25kph front on did surprisingly little damage, it mashed the edge and a split. It floated upright half full of water (where it it rode up the tree with 3 adults).
  • We lost NO gear, NO fish or red claw(they were swimming around in the boat).
We contemplated what would have happened to us if we were in a tinny or our old rubber ducky. We knew we had been very lucky but if were to be the crash test dummies we are glad we were in an EzyTopper. Thanks John and this note is a heart felt expression of our thanks for a great boat.
PS. The repair Geoff did so promptly is also appreciated.



Allan’s Testimonial

We were travelling around Australia for two years before we found a boat that suited our needs. We were introduced to John and his 3.7 metre Ezytopper. The deciding factors for us to buy this boat was it’s lightweight and my wife and I could handle it on and off a four wheel drive and trailer. Also, we could power it with a lightweight outboard. We were resigned to the fact that it was primarily a creek boat.

I think we purchased the second boat john ever sold. We have had it for three years and it has exceeded our wildest dreams. We have found that it is not only a creek boat but exceptionally good for it’s type, offshore. We have used it offshore at Bowen in quite good rough conditions and found it handled those conditions better than the tinny our friends had. We just recently spent two months at Port Smith, WA fishing whenever weather permitted in the Indian ocean. Whenever we went offshore we were accompanied but a 3.7 metre V bowed Tinny. Our little boat outperformed the sea keeping abilities of the tinny everytime. On occasion we came back in quite rough conditions across a bar with waves big enough for us not to see the boat in front of us in the trough. At no time were we nervous or concerned in our little Ezytopper.

The 3.7m Ezytopper is extremely stable in or offshore, dry, comfortable and an excellent fishing platform. With my wife and myself aboard with normal fishing gear the 9.8 Tohatsu will push her along at 36KPH recorded on our GPS. This little boat is everything we could have asked for. I would have no hesitation in recommending the 3.7 Ezytopper to anyone who have similar requirements to ours. I am only too pleased to write this testimonial in support of the topper. It’s a fantastic little unit. I also found John Halll excellent to do business with and very supportive of his customers. I would be happy to receive any enquiries.

Allan Treymayne


Lindsay and Sue’s Testimonial

We completed our trip with the 3.7m EzyTopper on our Triton 4X4 with our campervan on the back. All up we traveled over 17,000kms including the Kimberly’s and the infamous Gibb River Road.

We were extremely pleased with the performance and stability of the boat . With all our gear the bimbi up – we cruised at over 45km ph with our 15hp Suzuki.

The ease of loading and unloading the boat on the BulletRoof rack system made going finishing a pleasure. Next time though we will take John’s advice and take the light folding trailer.

Do you realise how having an easy topper on top of your vehicle reduces the internal temerature? We estimates 6-8 degrees cooler with the boat on top and in fact left there even when sightseeing.

There is NO comparison with a tinny – light, cool, stable and goes like the “clappers”.

Lindsay and Sue Hain.


Lester’s Testimonial

Just a quick note to thank John and Amanda for their help and assistance with the Ezy Topper.

It has been wonderful to deal with people who are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure their customers make the right selection and are happy with their purchase. Our final choice of the 3.7 metre over the 3 metre was a good call. Just as well we spent the time together sorting out where, how and when the boat would be used. The 3.7 metre is light enough for me to wheel to the beach and also for me to load onto the truck when we go up to the territory.

The boat loading rack system appears to work. I had a trial run the other day and it all went well. With sue up the front on the rope we managed to get the boat up without any difficulties, even my gammy shoulder. This is a much cheaper option compared to that of other systems on the market and looks like it will work well.

I have been surprised at the performance of the rig with the 8hp outboard. It gets on the plane really quickly and with ease. I have had to raise the transom a little to meet the specifications of my old outboard.

I am please that John took up the challenge of determining what the best bimini options are for the Ezy Topper. It’s saved me so much time and work.

Thank you John, for all your hard work and efforts to ensure that we have pleasurable boating and fishing experiences with our new Ezy Topper.



Geoff’s Testimonial

I now work with John and since the day John bought the first Ezy Topper home years ago, I just wanted one. I had a 22 foot deep sea boat which is built of the same material. The big boat is great for reef fishing but is a chore to launch and clean at the end of the day . I found that I had lost all incentive to go Estuary fishing so when the chance came to get a Ezy Topper I aquired one.

Well,what a difference it has made to my fishing. It also gave me the opportunity to perfect all the roof rack loading system;  the fittings for the canopies,  rod holders, paddles,etc. I try to make them better all the time. I have a very high Landcruiser Ute and I easily load my boat on and off myself.

On a recent  trip to Inskip Point near Frazer Island  with my Brother-in-law, we had the boat on the mangrove jack trailer and ready to go fishing in less than 30 minutes, that is with an electric start 15 hp Honda four stroke. With three people and all the fishing gear on board the boat still got up and scooted along.  We caught a lovely feed of Flathead. By the way, we just pulled the boat down the beach with the dolly from mangrove jack and launched into a small ocean break, did not  even have to use the truck.

This testimonial is for the boat but is also about who we are, we have been around boats and fishing all of our lives. It is all about a total mobile package. We have tried a lot of trailers and the different accessories, e.g. canopies. I recently had to have part of my bottom lip removed from sun cancer so I did not even think twice when I saw the Kingfisher canopy, I just bit the bullet and bought one. Well, like all the gear we sell with our boats it works a treat and the boat does not kite up in strong winds and it is so versatile  you can be trolling in the shade with the back up and leave the front down to chuck plastics off the bow. It, like all the gear,  has been well tested and found to function perfectly for the travelling angler.

I have put this on the site to show people who we are and what we do. I am sure any of our customers you contact will be happy to tell you the same thing. With my 98 model 15 hp Honda, all my fishing gear and just me on board, I can do 45 kph. They are just a great little boat.

Geoff Hall,
Toorbul, Qld

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